The Origin of the Work of Art


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A painting that reveals (alethe) a whole world. Heidegger mention this particular work of Van Gogh's in
"The Origin of the Work of Art".
"Aletheia, disclosure thought of as the opening of presence, is not yet truth.
Is aletheia then less than truth? Or is it more because it first grants truth as adequatio and certitudo, because there can be no presence and presenting outside of the realm of the opening?"

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"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession." - Albert Camus “Art exists because life is not enough.” — Ferreira Gullar
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Robert Delaunay
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Henri Matisse, The Yellow Dress, 1931
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Yes, hello future husband’s parents. It is I, your daughter-in-law. The giant tampon.
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Storm Chaser Films Rolling Cloud Formations That Make You Feel like You’re Underwater [VIDEO]
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Fernand Léger (1881-1955)
Troncs d’arbre, 1928 
© Courtesy Galerie Zlotowsky
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Emil Nolde - Fünf Lilien
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Dale Frank (Australian, b. 1959), The family motto had become maximum kick no sugar, 2011-12. Varnish on canvas, 200 x 200 cm.
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Attic Room by Louis Icart, 1940
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Dante Gabriel Rossetti, The Bower Meadow, c.1871
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Beauty Portfolio - Guido and Linda Cantello
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Inside the Albertine, a new bookstore housed in the French general consulate office.
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Henri Matisse, Woman with the Hat, 1905.

Matisse portrayed his wife Amelie using patches and splotches of seemingly arbitrary colors. He and the other Fauve painters used color not to imitate nature but to produce a reaction in the viewer.